Congratulations to Devin Chapman of Coava Coffee Roasters for winning both the Regional Barista and Brewers Cup awards for the Northwest! We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing his expertise a few times while visiting Portland and can’t be more happy for him. It’s actually a repeat victory for him in the Brewer’s Cup.

Devin works with Coava, which has been making its mark in the coffee scene for a few years now. I remember Red E serving us some of Coava’s beans back around 2009 when (I think) Coava were still a home roasting operation. Then we were pleasantly surprised after moving to Oakland to find that Local 123 in Berkeley carried Coava. In fact, they even used Coava’s own aluminum Kone filters. Local 123 has since consolidated to a Four Barrel account, but Coava isn’t going anywhere.

If you’re ever in Portland, check out Coava’s shop on Grand Ave at Main. It’s quite a unique space, sharing the floor with Bamboo Revolution’s show room!