I think my dream of being a full time barista is becoming that much more compelling after reading Colby Barr’s interview from SF Weekly. Sometimes being a therapist is not so fun.  The clear boundaries and results of good espresso feels so refreshing. Can I say I love that Colby is quoted saying that it’s a parent’s job to teach a person to be nice, not an employer?

Seriously though, these people (Verve Coffee Roaster) pull a mean espresso, roast amazing beans for our home brewing, and consistently impress us with their genuine kindness each time we’re in their store. My take away: you can really tell when a company invests in training and hiring kind people.  Go visit Modern Coffee or Bica for a taste test or to buy your own beans. Or go visit one of their three cafes in Santa Cruz. I hear it’s going to be great weather there this Saturday.