Some of you Oaklanders may be wondering what’s going on with Peaberry’s Coffee & Tea on College Ave. The old Peaberry’s sign has been replaced! The short story is that the longtime owner, Lynn Mallard, has sold her beloved coffee business to pursue other interests. But don’t let that disappoint you.

New sign in front of Peaberry's. Source: Highwire's Facebook profile.

Lynn sold her company to three veterans who will be reopening the shop on Weds, Oct 26 as Highwire Coffee Roasters. We are very excited to see that fresh coffee passion and expertise that they bring to the area. You may actually recognize Robert Myers as cofounder of Modern Coffee. You tea drinkers can also rest assured that Rich Avella will tend to your fine tastes. And, of course, there will be expert sourcing and roasting under Eric Hashimoto.

Rich Avella, Robert Meyers and Eric Hashimoto. Photo by Ali Roth. Source: East Bay Express.

They hope to make this a gentle transition that honors the loyalty of Peaberry’s existing patrons. But you may have already noticed some changes. They’ll be bringing in pastries from Starter Bakery (something to be very excited about) and upgrading the tools and training on bar (look forward to seeing a shiny La Marzocco Strada and possibly Koava Kones in Chemexes). But most exciting of all, several sources indicate that their roasts promise to be less extreme, exploring the middle ground between the light single-origin roasts of the likes of Ritual and Four Barrel and the super dark roasts of Peat’s.

So when can you taste this goodness? The shop will be closed Monday and Tuesday for renovation, but they’ll have a cart out front with drip coffee for $1 while supplies last. Be sure to come back Weds to see the grand unveiling. There’s also rumor of a limited storefront coming to their roastery in Emeryville.

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