We “vacationed” in Pacific Heights over July 4th. A friend wanted us to watch her dog so we took the opportunity to play in new playgrounds, be tourists, and drink great coffee and espresso in the hood. Not to mention, Fillmore Street had their Jazz festival that weekend AND there are some great pastry and brunch spots. Yum.

I fell in love with Jane. Their muffins are so warm and fresh and their pour over Four Barrel should make Subrosa embarrassed, the flavors that come out in their process totally make Four Barrel a hit rather than a dirty, earthy mess.  (Side note: if you do read SF Gate article under the link that I posted under “Jane” you will notice they forgot to mention that Subrosa has been using Four Barrel in Oakland for almost two years, oh, those SF-centric folk!)  Two thumbs way up for their coffee but I wasn’t as excited for their americano.  I would recommend dropping in Fillmore Bakeshop for nearly anything (can’t go wrong) or La Boulangerie on Pine for a almond croissant and then heading to Jane for some awesome coffee.  The Grove is on my hit list for next time, their brunch looks amazing.

In other news, Oakland is hip-happening and just opened Kitchen 388 which is another awesome cafe with Four Barrel (thanks Bryan for sharing the news with us!).  Turns out I don’t hate Four Barrel, I just don’t like what Subrosa is doing with it.  So yea for Kitchen 388 (can I nickname them “Kitchen”?) and Oakland coffee, and EastBay coolness.  It makes me think I need to go check on Cana because they are another great local business that does nice espresso.  Plus I think I need me some Cuban food too, which I still haven’t tried.

So, in summary, if I earn a million dollars next year I might move to Pacific Heights, buy my own Bernese Mountain dog, and go to Jane often.  But until then, I am loving our selection here in the East Bay and feel kinda sad that a year ago at this time I said “there’s NO good espresso in Oakland.”  The truth is, even if I had a million dollars I think I would still stay here, I mean, look at the sunshine!