Today Donovan and I made Intelligentsia’s Los Inmortales El Salvador: Finca Matalapa El Pino with our melitta.  I love accessing Stumptown’s website.  You have to check out their awesome page on brew methods, it can help you sharpen your morning coffee routine or give you good ideas on hardware you might like.  I think I like it because the pictures are pretty too.
The coffee is supposed to taste juicy and plush, like fresh green grapes and honeydew as well as kiwi and Barlett pear.  Not usually what we go for but we are trying something new.  I can’t believe that this coffee is farmed at 1350 meters!  Wow!  Turns out our attempt this morning produced a kinda a strange flavor.  It might be our brew method so I think I’ll change it up tomorrow and see if that helps.  Anyway, it was sweet to have coffee made for me this morning.  That’s always a great way to start the day!