We got some new fun tools for our kitchen recently.  We have a melitta, fancy organic filters, and some Four Barrel coffee (Sulawesi Toraja Sapan).

I can’t believe how awesome Whole Foods’ selection is on awesome local coffees!  They are all at great prices and have recently been roasted (within the last three days it seems).  Good on them.  Although does Whole Food’s quality ever disappoint?  The other goodies were from Blue Bottle, Oakland.

I haven’t been blown away by the Sulawesi.  But I will confess that my french press is the easier route in the mornings and I haven’t actually tried the melitta yet.  I know there are certain types that work better in different processes or so Coffee Basics tells me.  Coffee Basics, by the way, is pretty amazing and I highly recommend it.  You can make fun of my geekery later 🙂

While my at home coffee making isn’t rocking my socks off I do have three positive things to say about  it.

1.  Beats throwing the screaming baby in the car just for a coffee outing.

2. Costs a bunch less.  Yes, at times I can get a rocking pour over.  But other times it’s a total miss (yes, Local 123, Cafe 504, and Subrosa, you’re all guilty of this).  So at least I know what I’m getting at home and I won’t have to pay $2+ per pop.

3. While I can’t afford to buy a Hario, kone, or Burr grinder I feel like I’m getting a fairly good coffee without those resources.

Hope you are all enjoying the cool weather week.  What coffee are you drinking to keep warm?