In early 2006 I visited my dearest friend Lindsey and went to Cafe Vita in Seattle WA.  I was amazed at the in-house roastery, excellent espresso, and superb pastries.  Vita recently came to Portland (10/2010) and opened shop on Alberta St.  I’m conflicted because the Portlander in me is saying “no!”  I mean, Alberta is having enough issues with gentrification.  And on top of that, Seattle is Portland’s big sister for evvvverything… can’t they at least leave us to our own coffee when we’re in our own city?  But the good in me says, competition is good, it will create better coffee, and the places that remain will be legit because they deserve to be there.

So with some reservation I say, welcome to the hood, Cafe Vita.

They are advertising free espresso/coffee every Friday in February (yum!  I’m jealous!) to promo this newer location.  See Portland Monthly Magazine’s link below.
So don’t be shy, go up there and get yourself some espresso and let me know what you think.  I can’t wait to try out the new location when I have the chance!