We went to Subrosa today.  I had a really solid tasting toddy.  They use Four Barrel and it tasted rich and just the right amount of dilution and flavor (so often “iced coffee” is just coffee poured over ice, yuck!).  It really brightened my morning and made the  unexpected sunny winter weather even more lovely.

A toddy is a 24-hour cold brewed coffee.  I haven’t found any great how-tos yet online about making toddy’s at home but I recommend a look around the internet and trying it yourself!  Or just ask your fav coffee shop for their toddy.  If they say they only do their brewed coffee over ice, that’s not going to do it.

I opted for the toddy not just because it’s warm and it seemed right but because the last time I was there I was not so impressed with the taste of my shot.  I felt a little afraid to try the espresso again.  So this was a welcome warm up.  I’m wondering if I run into baristas that I know I can’t trust (there are a handful at Local 123 and Subrosa, although another handful of baristas that are well trained) if I can have the courage to let them know what I didn’t like about my shot or (gasp) ask for my money back.